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Most importantly I love to cook! I have always had a passion for food and I don't believe you have to compromise on taste to eat healthily. 

I am a certified Metabolic Balance Coach and am up to date with the very latest nutritional advice and expertise. I work with clients of all ages, sizes with varying health conditions helping to fine-tune their nutrition and fitness so they can achieve their ultimate goals.


There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than supporting clients to help them lose a stubborn stone so they can fit into a favourite dress again, or revolutionising the lives of those who’ve struggled with obesity for decades. My approach is gimmick-free and tailored to the individual needs of clients. I can help you to put an end to the cycle of unsustainable fad exercise programmes and diets and discover a new way of living.


My focus is making a plan that works for you. This could be done through the Metabolic Balance programme, 21 Day Weight Loss Plan or simple tweaks to your diet. I also work with clients to show them how to cook healthy and delicious meals that don't take hours to prepare and how to stock their fridge.

I know how daunting it can be to embrace a healthier way of life. When I lived and worked in London I wasn’t the healthiest person. My diet left a lot to be desired, I didn’t do much exercise and I used to suffer various health issues: I was tired all the time and I had almost constant Candida and IBS and Rosacea flare ups.


But then I took a good look at what I was eating and decided to embrace a more natural diet. I reduced my sugar intake and cut out processed food, devising a diet that worked with my body rather than against it. And I took up regular exercise.


Metabolic Balance was the icing on the cake for me. My IBS and Candida completely disappeared, I felt a hundred percent healthier and full of energy. I looked better too with glowing Rosacea-free skin and no more bloating. I live by the Metabolic Balance principles every day now and continue to see the benefits. It is not difficult, it is a way of life.


I transformed my life and now feel healthier, happier, more energised and in better shape than ever before. 

You can too. We will do it together.





I am qualified to ISRM/BTEC (level 5) Professional Diploma in clinical sport and remedial therapy. 

Certified Metabolic Balance Coach

Member of The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)


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