21 Day Weight Loss Plan Testimonial - Emma Touzel

Feeling very emotional today.  But happy tears not sad!

My client Emilie has lost 7 stone on The Metabolic Balance Programme in just over a year!  Having tried other ways of losing weight with little success Emilie embarked on MB and never looked back!

Emilie is an inspiration to others.  So proud of her.


Hi Pippa ,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for your support and help with the bespoke 21 Day programme. 
I really wanted to shed some weight which had creeped on over the past 6 months and even with constant training and running every day I just couldn't shift the unwanted weight . 
Now 3 weeks in and I have lost 8lbs. And that was hardly any water or muscle which you normally lose on other diets. I lost 6llbs of pure fat!  Thanks to your amazing body composition machine I could see exactly what was lost. 
It has given me a massive boost . My skin feels great & I feel so much more confident. 
I will be carrying it on, knowing that your bespoke food plan (quantities unique to each individual) totally works and my goal it's now achievable. I am one very happy client and you were lovely helping me through it . 
So a big Thank you 😊
xx emma xx
Emma Touzel, Jersey


Available to anyone in UK and Channel Islands

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