4 stone lighter!

Lucy, celebrating her 40th birthday last night and 4 stone lighter! On the left a year ago and on the right looking trim and sexy! 

Lucy said “I went to see Pippa Campbell last October having spent years trying many different diets. I managed to lose a little weight doing this but it never stayed off. I had tried fad diets sometimes using bars or shakes which I know aren’t healthy and don’t promote long term weight loss.

I researched the long-term weight loss and health benefits of Pippa’s Metabolic Balance programme and it’s scientific evidence. I have it a go and lost 22lbs in 6 weeks. The thrill of being able to wear smaller clothes sizes is indescribable. This way of eating is easy to maintain and I don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all. I’m still losing weight and relaxing what I eat at the weekend. I feel energised and more confident. The day I walked into your office Pippa, changed my life forever. I like being me now. It look me over 20 years to get here but I did it! Thank you Pippa”.
I am thrilled for Lucy and delighted that she could celebrate her 40th feeling amazing. Happy Birthday Lucy😀

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