Healthy habits that could be causing you to gain weight

1/ You've cut back on sugar

Everyone knows, in order to stop gaining weight, we should be reduce our intake of the white stuff.

But, if you’ve slim-lined your Friday-night G&T or downgraded to a Diet Coke break you surprisingly, may want to reconsider.

According to research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose – readily found in sugar-free products – can actually stimulate appetite and make you gain weight.

It gets worse. Drink two or more diet drinks a day and you can expect your weight to increase five times faster compared to non-drinkers. Not keen to go back to sugar?

2/ You workout 5-6 times per week

You hit the gym every day, are a regular at runner and your cycling / power walking / jogging commute is a workout in itself.

Give your body time to recover in between sessions to avoid gaining weight. Pushing yourself too hard can increase your stress hormone cortisol which can cause wight gain. 

Try 'working two days on, one day off’.

3/ You're buying 'healthy' dishes from the high street 

Not all healthy options on High Street menus are as squeaky clean as you may think. And it’s not only hidden ingredients and cleverly concealed extra calories that you need to worry about.

According to a Yale University study, ordering dishes that you brain deems as healthy, can actually cause it to release more of the hunger hormone ghrelin – which not only increases appetite but also slows down metabolism.

4/ You fill up on healthy fats

Avocado toast, overnight oats, nut butter. Organic, whole, natural and nutrient-packed foods are always the focal point of your plate.

All well and good, except for the fact that, according to the Office for National Statistics, the average person underestimates their calorie intake by 50% and a whopping 800 calories.

Add to that findings that people trip up even more over healthy foods and, well, need we say more?

Swot up on what portion sizes really look like and how to master portion control for guidance on how to prevent gaining weight. All my weight loss programmes are portion-controlled and individual to each client.

5/ You're all about that hydration

It’s the weight-loss target you smash on a daily basis – drinking water. But, if you’ve hit a pound plateau, changing your hydration source could help.

According to a study published in the Journal of Women’s Health, high-levels of ingested BPAs (found in many plastic water bottles as well as plastic food packaging and cosmetics) correlate to a larger waist size and heavier body weight.

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Pippa Campbell