Testimonial: Joint pains and migraines

Michele came to me end of January this year. She suffers with RA and migraines. The daily pain in her joints was making her life miserable and the migraines prevented her from carrying out normal tasks. She was having monthly blood tests with her consultant which consistently showed high CRP (inflammatory marker). 

Michele had completed my health questionnaire. From these results and during the consultation we could see the areas that were out of balance (gut, adrenals, thyroid etc.). We worked out the foods that she was eating that might have been contributing to the pain. We came up with some dietary changes and a some natural supplements to relieve the pain and heal the gut lining (there are links between some autoimmune diseases and hidden infections). 

Michele came back to see me a month later. She reported virtually no swelling in her joints. She was free of pain and could get up easily in the morning. Her migraines had gone. She was happy and full of life! She looked really well (see photo). Her consultant had told her that her blood markers had improved so much that he did not need to see her for three months. Her inflammation had reduced to within normal range. Michele had had one episode where her hands had swollen. Just before she came back to see me she had tried some gluten-free pasta and immediately she reacted to it. We think that it was the corn in the pasta that she reacted to. Michele now knows what she can eat and her body can tell her if a food is not right. 

I truly believe that food is medicine. It is amazing what a change in diet can do.