Wellbeing World Jan 2017

Pippa Campbell Health is the island’s only qualified Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach, and can help you identify your metabolism’s own personal requirements, setting your physiology free and restoring it to its optimal functionality.

Backed by 25 years of science Metabolic Balance an multi award winning is a natural weight management and health programme that uses logical analysis of an individual’s make-up, that aims to bring fast results, long term success and an invigorated lifestyle. A system devised in Germany, this one off investment in YOU is recommended to anyone who simply wants to feel better in their day to day life! Whether it be to lose weight, increase energy levels, resolve health issues or a combination of all three, MB is not just a successful weight loss programme, but can bring benefits such as improved sleep, eradicate eczema, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and kiss goodbye to cravings, lose puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, enjoy a better all over complexion, improve intestinal issues…the list is endless. There is very little that eating the right food for you won’t have a positive effect on, when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Put simply Metabolic Balance is the ‘crème de la crème’ of all nutrition programmes, using advanced blood analysis to ensure everything you feed your body will keep you in the very best shape you can be. Price £890. However if you want to lose weight with the support of Pippa’s expertise without the full MB commitment, put yourself on the right track with her new 21 Day Weight Loss Plan. At a price of just £249, which includes an initial full body analysis, tailored food plan, ongoing support and your final success breakdown, this approach will see you start to realize your full weight loss and overall health potential, while equipping you with the right tools to create a brand new way of managing your optimum body size and image.  With the right direction, advice and support from the best in the business, you can start to change your body in just 21 days – forever.

Logic and experience tells us we can’t always rely on the ‘old you’ to create the ‘new you’ alone.  Get in touch and lets start working together today!

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