Professional genotype analysis for optimum health

Are you at-risk for Alzheimer's? Are you predisposed to Parkinson's? Do you have an increased chance of cancer? Can you detoxify alcohol? Are you sensitive to caffeine? A new breakthrough in science lets you stop guessing and start knowing. 

While genetic testing may sound futuristic, the procedure is simple. DNA is collected from saliva. The lab analyses the number, arrangement, and characteristics of the chromosomes in the DNA and identifies abnormal and mutated genes as well as markers for inherited diseases.


About Lifecode Gx

Lifecode Gx genetic testing and analysis services enable health professionals and clients to implement proactive, preventative, and truly personalised, health plans.

DNA collection takes just 1 minute using a simple cheek swab, enabling analysis of over 150 of the best researched genetic markers that can be impacted by diet and lifestyle.

Start your personalised health programme today.


There are hundreds of benefits to getting tested. Here are my top three:

  1. The test may reveal that you have the DNA sequence of a genetic condition or disease. Armed with this knowledge, together we can take steps to avoid triggering the disease. The test can also confirm the diagnosis of a genetic condition and help guide you in to proper disease management. For example, you can find out if you have the gene mutation that may prompt Parkinson's disease. Tests also look at gene mutations that show you could have an elevated risk of breast cancer, other cancers and cardiovascular disease.

  2. A genetic test can identify mutations that lead to insidious enzyme deficiencies. For example, there is an enzyme deficiency called MTHFR. The enzyme involved is responsible for many biochemical reactions in the body including B12 assimilation and regulating detoxification pathways. Low levels of this enzyme wreak havoc on health causing a wide range of issues, from anemia to Epstein Barr to Lupus to cancer. 

  3. Genetics test tips the scale of health in your favour, allowing me  to design a lifestyle and nutrition plan for you that avoids activating problematic genes. Your DNA is not your destiny.

Reasons for testing 

There are various reasons why a client might want to do a test. I have had one client whose father had Alzheimer’s, one client had breast cancer and another was finding it hard to lose weight. I used the results to tailor their nutrition programme by adding key foods, removing others and suggesting supplements.

Puja Phakey, London said “Pippa I can’t believe it but within a week of changing my diet and starting on the supplements you recommended, I am sleeping well and I don’t have any hot flushes!”.

David Kinley, Jersey said “I am already feeling less stressed and have more energy to cope with the pressures of my job. I can’t thank you enough. I wish I had done these DNA tests years ago. I also know that I have the genes that cannot detoxify alcohol and caffeine which has given me the final push to cut back on these and I am feeling better for it”.

Anne Fallen, London Said “I am so pleased that I finally know that I am Celiac. And lactose intolerant. And now I know which vitamins and minerals I am likely to be lacking and eat more foods that contain them”

Whatever your reason I can select the right tests for you. 



LifecodeGX prices

Initial fact-finding telephone consultation £55 (this will help me to decide which tests are best for you and quote a price)

DNA test kit required with each order £99
Each report £150 - see reports below
5 report special price - £633

(these prices are set by LifecodeGX)
Pippa's analysis of reports - 1 report £55
2 or more reports - £110
Consultation to go through reports - £110-£165 depending on reports


What we can check


DNA Test Kit

A DNA Test Kit is required with all orders.

This is to collect a sample of cheek cells from which DNA is extracted and analysed. The DNA Test kIt includes:

  • An instruction leaflet

  • A cheek swab and mini-test tube

  • A stabilising tablet

  • A consent form

  • Return packaging and postage (UK only)

It takes just 1 minute to collect the sample, place the swab in the test tube with the stabilising tablet, complete and sign the consent form and place everything in the return packaging provided.

Histamine Intolerance Report

Histamine intolerance is a toxic response by the body resulting from an imbalance between accumulated histamine and the capacity to break it down.

Histamine toxicity is associated with numerous symptoms that mimic an allergic reaction such as skin irritation, gastro-intestinal upset, respiratory distress, headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

5 Report Suite


The suite includes the following five reports:

  • Methylation

  • Detoxification

  • Histamine Intolerance

  • Nervous System

  • Nutrient Core

Methylation Report

Methylation is critical for keeping your body and brain biochemistry in balance.

Common genetic variants (SNPs) can impact our natural ability to methylate and thus result in increased susceptibility to systemic imbalances and chronic health conditions including heart disease, depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, poor foetal development and premature ageing.

Nervous System Report

The nervous system DNA test examines the key genes and variants (SNPs) that affect neurotransmitter balance, nerve cell growth & maintenance,  thyroid hormone conversion, inflammation and pharmacological response.

Common genetic variants combined with environmental factors including nutrient imbalances, low physical activity, toxins and other stressors can result in anxiety, depression, mood imbalances, lack of motivation, drive or focus, addiction, poor memory or sleep disturbances.

APOE Report

The E4 (epsilon 4) form of the APOE gene has been associated with disorders of lipid metabolism (increased plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels) and increased susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative conditions such Alzheimer’s disease.

Having the APOE 4 version of the gene is one of many risk factors and does not mean you will get any disease associated with it.

Detoxification Report

The Detoxification report focuses on the key genes and variants involved in regulating Phase I, II and III liver detoxification pathways including those involved in the metabolism of caffeine, alcohol, hormones, neurotransmitters, pesticides and various common pharmaceutical drugs.

Nutrient Core Report

Discover how your genes impact: your response to food - gluten (celiac disease), lactose (dairy), and caffeine; your microbiome diversity; nutrient need - vitamin A (beta-carotene & retinol), folate (B9), vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and glutathione; and metabolism - blood sugar control (insulin), appetite (leptin) and inflammation.

Oestrogen Balance Report

Imbalanced hormones can have a number of negative effects on health and well-being and are highly influenced by environmental, dietary and genetic factors.

The main role of oestrogen in the body is to increase the growth and production of cells, but it is also involved in the regulation of the female reproductive system, the development of secondary sex characteristics, maintenance of bone density, blood clotting, skin health and mucous membranes.

Athlete Report

DNA sequencing has opened the door to personalised approaches to health and fitness, enabling a more intelligent approach to training, recovery and performance.

In this report we present elements of your unique DNA profile that have been shown to affect athletic performance.


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