I have always suffered from recurrent bouts of bloating, IBS, acne, sinusitis and joint pain. Can the Metabolic Balance programme help me?

Absolutely. Metabolic Balance helps find and treat the root cause of your health issues rather than applying another quick symptom fix. For example, if you have a migraine your GP might recommend pain killers or a specific migraine drug. With MB (and functional medicine) we look at the reasons why you’re getting the headaches in the first place. Are they because of a diet trigger or allergy, a deficiency, an overload of a toxic chemical, a structural or lifestyle issue or something else? MB is just one set of tools that can offer you answers to your health problems. It looks at the bigger picture which is vitally important to optimum health.

I don’t understand why I’m hungry all the time and I can’t stop eating. I’m worried that I will be hungry on MB with less food.

It sounds like you may have become Leptin resistant. This is our satiety hormone. Your brain may not be receiving the message from your stomach telling you that you are full so you keep eating. MB aims to reset Leptin and other hormones that are preventing you from losing weight.

Will Metabolic Balance help me to lose stubborn weight?

Yes. Metabolic Balance is a natural weight management programme that uses nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to reset your metabolism and hormone levels (including insulin) to help your body reach its natural weight. It offers fast results and long term success.

I only have half a stone to a stone (4kg - 6kg) to lose, but it’s a real struggle. Is it worth doing Metabolic Balance?

Yes. MB will help you find the root cause of your imbalance and make those last few pounds far easier to lose. It’s a bespoke programme so will work where traditional calorie or macro based diets will fail.

I’d like to get my teenage children involved too, can they do Metabolic Balance?

Yes. My whole family (and many others around the world) have followed the programme. When you create new healthier family eating and lifestyle habits you’re giving your children a great tool to take into adulthood.

I’m 68 and have been strictly limiting my calories for many years but still can’t lose weight. How will MB help me?

If you have been limiting your calories the chances are your body has gone into starvation mode and you may actually be storing fat. You need the right nutrients to get your metabolism working again to enable you to lose weight. MB can help you with the best food choices for your unique biochemistry.

Why do you need to take blood tests?

Blood tests are used to determine the foods that are best suited to your biochemistry and a bespoke plan is created for you in Germany and explained to you by your Metabolic Balance Coach.

Will I have to do LOTS of cooking or food preparation or spend lots of time in the kitchen?

It is important to eat lots of whole foods on the MB programme so if your current diet is rich in fast food, take-aways, oven-ready meals, restaurant meals, cafe snacks and packaged treats, then yes, you will need to do more cooking and food prep. However, even if you think you’re not a fan of cooking now, once you begin seeing how easy the recipes are and how delicious natural, whole food meals can be, you’ll soon develop a love for home cooked food and will be amazed by how therapeutic you find chopping vegetables! (Trust me, it happens all the time!)

Will the food cost me a lot more money?

Like any lifestyle or dietary change, there is a steep learning curve at the start. Once you find the supermarkets, farm shops or market stalls best suited to your lifestyle and budget and get into the habit of writing a shopping list and planning meals in advance, you’ll soon find it works out cheaper than your current habits - particularly if you eat out or buy ready prepared food a lot now.

I have been diagnosed with cancer and am currently undergoing treatment. Would you recommend Metabolic Balance for me?

It would be better to find out your exact situation in advance before you sign up to the programme. Please pop me an e-mail pippa@pippacampbellhealth.com to discuss your personal situation and we can decide (in conjunction with your cancer care specialist and GP) whether the plan would be the best way forward for you.

I’m vegetarian and would really like to switch to a plant-based/vegan diet in the near future, will the recipes be suitable for me?

Yes. I’ll make sure each plan is customised for you and will direct you to other helpful resources to ensure your success.

I have coeliac disease/milk intolerance/nut allergy etc. can you help me?

Yes. As a nutritionist I look at all aspects of your medical and lifestyle history to come up with a plan that helps you achieve your short term goals as well as boosting your long term health and vitality.

I’d like to get my teenage children involved too, can they do the programme?

Yes. They can all join enjoy the healthy, whole food recipes, but do remember your plan is customised to suit your specific biochemistry and medical history. If someone else in your family needs more 1-1 guidance then it’s best if they book a separate appointment. However, eating healthier as a parent is one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to your children.