One of your biggest nutrition hiccups could be your very own food pantry/fridge. A well-stocked pantry and fridge is a must for busy people; it will save you over and over again when you find yourself short of time to cook supper. And to stack the healthful-eating odds in your favour, it’s essential to stock your pantry and fridge with great-tasting, healthy choices (the key phrase here is "great-tasting" - healthy food won't do anyone any good if no one eats it).

I will help you go through your kitchen and Minimise empty-calorie foods ­ the ones that deliver lots of calories without much nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemicals, protein, etc.).


How I will help you

This doesn't necessarily mean eliminating them from your kitchen entirely. This might make you want them even more, thus leading you to overeat. You know yourself best: whether "out of sight, out of mind" works for you, or whether you do better in the long run if you have a few token empty-calorie foods around. That way, you know they're there if you truly want them (and are truly hungry) but they're not mainstays of your pantry.

I will help you understand which foods to stock up on. Great-tasting, more-healthful foods that you will love.


I will help you to know which ingredients to pull together to make a quick meal. I will help you stock up on a great spice cupboard so you can make a simple meal taste great. 

A food pantry makeover (in your kitchen) package includes:

  • You will learn to read food labels and identify the value and hierarchy of foods.

  • We will make sure your fridge and cupboards are totally cleaned of the old habits, making room for nutritious food items that will become your pantry staples and mealtime favourites.

  • You will receive a shopping list of foods you want to invest more in

Price for 2 hours is £250


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