Ginger and Lime Chicken with Samphire 


I always keep chicken breasts in the freezer for a quick supper. Defrost two chicken breasts in the morning and marinade when you get in from work (unless you remember to defrost the night before then you can marinade in the morning).
Grate some fresh ginger, squeeze a lime and add a tablespoon of coconut aminos (or Tamari). 
Fry the chicken in coconut oil adding the Samphire towards the end. 

Samphire is rich in iodine which many people are deficient in. A study of more than 700 teenage girls from all over the UK found that more than two-thirds were iodine-deficient. Because iodine is part of the thyroid hormone, deficiency is also linked to hypothyroidism so will also affect metabolism, energy and the rate at which you burn fat. You should only take iodine supplements if tests show you are deficient, but eat samphire at every possible opportunity!