My morning Bullet Coffee


Bulletproof Coffee is actually a coffee blended with (preferably grass-fed unsalted) butter and coconut oil (or as I use Brain Octane Oil which is MCT oil).
When I tell my clients that I mix butter and oil into my coffee they think I'm a bit mad and they think it sounds pretty disgusting! But when they try it they love it. 

Mixing caffeine and healthy fats will increase your energy. Some research has shown that butter and MCT can promote brain function and weight-loss. 
I just love the taste of Bullet Coffee. It makes a really creamy Coffee. Great if you want to avoid milk. I can even have it when I'm intermittent fasting. 

Try making it yourself with approx 170 MLS coffee, 1-3 tsp MCT or coconut butter and 1-3tsp butter. Blend in high speed blender or nutribullet. Sprinkle with cinnamon if you like. 

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