Smoked Salmon Blinis with Coconut 'creme fraiche'


These delicious little numbers are so easy to make. We had them today for brunch but they make a great Christmas canapé.

150g rice flour 
125 ml almond milk 
125 ml water 
2 eggs 
2 tbsp melted butter or coconut butter 
Pinch salt 

1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender and leave to sit for 30 mins.

2. Heat a frying until hot. Melt a little butter or coconut oil.

3. Place a tablespoon of the batter for one blini in the pan. A large pan should fit 4 blinis. Fry until bubbling then flip over for another minute. 

4. Mix 6 tablespoons coconut yoghurt with the juice of half a lemon and pinch salt. 

5. Place a teaspoon of yoghurt onto each blini and top with smoked salmon.