Spanish Peach and Cherry Breakfast Crumble

Crumble for breakfast? Absolutely!

I often make a breakfast crumble for my daughter as a warm breakfast in the winter months. But now, on holiday in Spain, we couldn't resist making one with lovely local fruit. We use ground almonds in our crumbles for added nutrients and pea protein powder to up the protein content (it's important to include protein at breakfast). You could omit the oats for a grain-free breakfast and use more ground almonds and add coconut flakes.
We just layered the sliced peaches and cherries on the bottom of the dish and sprinkled them with cinnamon. 
In a food processor we whizzed up gluten free oats, ground almonds, protein powder, butter and vanilla and a little stevia. Then piled this on top of the fruit. 
We did this last night and put in the fridge ready to cook this morning for 45mins in fan oven 170.

Serve with coconut or soya yoghurt.