Warm Chicken Liver Salad


As the weather cools I like to have something warm in my salads. I love chicken liver and it's packed full of nutrients with all 9 essential amino acids and lots of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A which supports the eyes and immune system and helps heal the gut lining (so great for anyone with gut problems). And B vitamins to assist in the health of the nervous system, liver, brain and muscles.
I often sneak in chicken or lamb liver to mince or bolognese so my children can also benefit. 

Serves 2
200g chicken livers 
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 
1 Roasted red pepper, chopped 
4 handfuls Spinach and Rocket
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 
Salt and pepper 

Place the leaves and pepper on two plates. Pan fry the livers in the olive oil for 5-7 minutes then place on top. Add the vinegar to the hot pan to deglaze then pour this on top of the livers and salad.