Are you tired of being controlled by your cravings?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?

Would you love to look and feel like the old you again?


21-Day Plan

If you’re struggling with that last bit of stubborn fat that just won’t budge but you can't seem to stick to a diet because cravings and temptation always get in your way, then the 21 Day Weight Loss Boost will help you to start changing your body, and get the results you dream of.


How would it feel to simply be confident and happy in your own skin?

I’m Pippa, a nutrition and weight loss specialist with years of experience helping people just like you. I realised that while many people wanted support through long term weight loss, many more simply needed a short kick-start to get back into healthy habits, lose fat fast and feel great again.

That’s why I created the 21 Day Weight Loss Boost to teach people how to retrain their eating habits and make healthier choices in order to cut cravings and kick start weight loss. 

That feeling of elation when you lose your first few pounds is like a drug…

We feel so proud of ourselves and yet that feeling is short lived. Weight loss either plateaus or we revert to our unhealthy habits of processed food, comfort eating or constant snacking. 

With the Weight Loss Boost I make it easy for you to keep going throughout the 21 days without feeling hungry or needing to resort to old habits. I give you the strategies and resources you need to make the best choices every day and support you in creating a framework for long term success.


Now 3 weeks in and I have lost 8lbs. And that was hardly any water or muscle which you normally lose on other diets. Thanks to your amazing body composition machine I could see exactly what was lost. It has given me a massive boost . My skin feels great & I feel so much more confident. 

I will be carrying it on, knowing that your bespoke food plan (quantities unique to each individual) totally works and my goal it's now achievable. I am one very happy client and you were lovely helping me through it. So a big Thank you!

Emma, Jersey


21 Day Weight Loss Boost 

If you’re ready to be free from cravings, kick start weight loss and learn the tools you need to achieve a leaner, lighter body, then read on…

At the end of the Weight Loss Boost you’ll not only feel smaller, healthier and happier, but you’ll also have a set of before and after measurements to highlight your success in just three weeks. 

Plus, you’ll have overcome those pesky cravings, reset your digestive system and have more energy and motivation to keep moving forward.

How does the 21 Day Weight Loss Boost work?

The first part of the plan is the DETOX stage. This is a vital part of the process as it prepares your body for imminent weight loss and helps you to feel cleansed and energised. It helps your taste buds adapt to the taste of real food which helps you stick to a whole food plan for the three weeks and beyond. (Believe me, I was once addicted to lattes and muffins!) 

Stage two is WEIGHT LOSS. You will be give a unique and specific dietary plan, including exact portion sizes and ingredients. You do not have to follow strict recipes so it is also possible to eat out on this plan. I do give you recipe ideas but the main thing is to follow the right portion sizes of proteins and vegetables. Being precise at this stage will ensure you make the best progress possible in 21 days. I will also share my ‘Four Magic Rules’ which help you translate your hard work into long term, effective weight loss success. 

The third stage is ADJUSTMENT REPROGRAMMING (or how to NOT slip back into unhealthy habits). Having curbed your cravings and discovered some delicious new recipes that keep you feeling full and energised throughout the day, this final part of the plan allows you to balance your body’s new requirements and to effectively integrate this new knowledge and way of living into your everyday life. Forever. 

Which body measurements are taken?

Using the latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology in the form of a Tanita Body Composition Monitor, we can take readings for:

  • Visceral fat

  • Body fat %

  • Body fat mass (kg)

  • Total water %

  • Muscle Mass

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

  • Segmental fat readings (per body part)

  • Segmental muscle readings

These readings are taken at the start of your programme and again after 21 days. This gives you a full breakdown of your body’s changes and helps you to celebrate your achievements. For many people, having their statistics measured and being able to track progress plays a vital role in their future weight loss success.

Lost 15lbs on Pippa’s 21 day weight loss plan!
— Jude, Jersey

How is the programme delivered?

The programme is delivered in person* at my offices in Jersey or London or by Video Call. We’ll discuss your lifestyle, diet and medical history before taking your measurements and creating your plan.  Your nutrition plan is tailored to suit you and you’re given ongoing support through 1-1 consultations throughout the 21 days. This plan also includes a full health assessment so we can tackle any other issues like IBS, Stress, hormonal problems and more.

There are TWO levels to the 21 Day Weight Loss Boost depending on the level of support you require:

Option A: Two consultations - one at the start and one at 21 days.

Option B: Four consultations - one at the start, one at 21 days and two in between. 

If you have a good knowledge of healthy eating and adequate cooking skills then option A will be sufficient for your needs. If you’re new to healthy eating and need lots of explanation, support and extra resources then option B would be a better choice. 


Are you ready to cut cravings, reset your body and kick-start your weight loss today?


21 Day Weight Loss Boost

Option A: Two consultations (in person or via Skype)


(initial fact-finding consultation £55 redeemable against the plan)

21 Day Weight Loss Boost

Option B: Four consultations (in person or via Skype)


(initial fact-finding consultation £55 redeemable against the plan)


I aim to get back within 48 hours between Monday and Friday, so if you don’t hear back please check spam



How much weight can I expect to lose in 21 days?

Most people lose between 5-10lbs, however some people may lose more (or less) depending on their starting weight and current lifestyle and diet. Sticking to the correct portion sizes and meal times will have a big impact on your final results. The most important part to the plan is that it prepares your body for long term weight loss by helping you cut cravings and begin new, healthier habits.

I suffer with chronic fatigue/ME is it safe for me?

The latest scientific research points to inflammation as an underlying cause of many autoimmune conditions and chronic fatigue. Reducing the toxic overload on your body and allowing your digestive system to reset will dramatically help your symptoms in the long term.

I’m going away on holiday soon, can I follow the 21 day plan while I’m away?

Ideally it would be best to follow the plan while you’re at home unless you’re at a resort or retreat that can cater specifically to the portion sizes and ingredients suggested. If you’re cooking for yourself abroad then it shouldn’t be a problem at all. As long as you can give the plan your full attention and commitment then you should be able to succeed in achieving your short term weight loss goals.

I’m vegetarian/vegan (plant-based)/have allergies to wheat/dairy/egg, will the recipes suit me?

The nutrition plan is created uniquely for you and all your specific allergies or requirements will be taken into account. Additional resources can be provided where necessary.

Will the food cost me a lot more money?

Like any lifestyle or dietary change, there is a steep learning curve at the start. Once you find the supermarkets, farm shops or market stalls best suited to your lifestyle and budget and get into the habit of writing a shopping list and planning meals in advance, you’ll soon find it works out cheaper than your current habits - particularly if you eat out or buy ready prepared food a lot now.

Will I have to do LOTS of cooking or food preparation or spend lots of time in the kitchen?

I give you recipe ideas for the plan but you can make your own. Meals are based around proteins and vegetables so you can make your meals as interseting or as simple as you like. It is important to eat lots of whole foods on the 21 day plan so if your current diet is rich in fast food, take-aways, oven-ready meals, restaurant meals, cafe snacks and packaged treats, then yes, you will need to do more cooking and food prep. However, even if you think you’re not a fan of cooking now, once you begin seeing how easy the recipes are and how delicious natural, whole food meals can be, you’ll soon develop a love for home cooked food and will be amazed by how therapeutic you find chopping vegetables! (Trust me, it happens all the time!)

I’ve just finished breastfeeding and would love to shift the baby weight, can I do the plan?

Yes. So long as you’ve been given the go ahead from your GP to follow a weight loss plan then the Weight Loss Boost will be the perfect way to reset your hormones and digestive system and kick start your body into losing weight. Plus, you’ll feel emotionally better once you’re back in your old clothes or able to shop for new ones!

I completed Pippa’s 21 Day Plan three weeks ago and cannot believe the difference in how I feel! I did it for two main reasons; shift the leftover baby weight and to get more energy/focus. And it worked! The weight came off easily and steadily and after the initial few days of natural ‘detox’ effects coming off sugar (namely maltesers!) I found I had so much more energy, the afternoon slump vanished and my mind has much more focus and clarity. The meal plan was easy to follow as well, and I’m continuing to eat this way as I just feel so much better all round! I can’t recommend this three-week blitz enough!
— Michelle Wallace