Bespoke nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle programme

Helping busy people find and treat the root causes of their health and weight issues


When you wake up in the morning would you love to feel energised and enthusiastic about the day ahead?

Would you love to feel great in clothes and not shy away from activities that involve beach wear?

Would it be amazing to feel more calm, less snappy and more enthusiastic about life?

How would it feel to have no headaches, stomach pain, sore knees, digestive issues or a bad back?

What if you were enthusiastic about cooking and food prep, starting new hobbies or joining the gym?

If you’re fed up with feeling stressed, lacking in confidence, overwhelmed and exhausted, then now is the time to work with a professional nutritionist and weight loss specialist to bring the energy, sparkle and happiness back into your life. 


3 Month Metabolic Programme

A three-month programme using the Metabolic Balance Framework and DNA testing to help busy people find and treat the root cause of their health and weight issues so they can achieve optimum energy level and live the full, active life they desire.


Hi, I’m Pippa

A nutritionist, weight loss specialist, Metabolic Balance coach and Functional Medicine practitioner from Jersey.

I help busy people find and treat the root causes of their health and weight issues through bespoke nutrition, weight loss & lifestyle programmes. 

To say that Metabolic Balance has changed my life is an understatement. Having tried numerous other diets in the past, I had virtually given up hope of any meaningful weight loss. I have now lost 7 stone and have never felt fitter or healthier and I no longer feel it is a diet but now more of a way of life
— Emilie, Jersey