3 month programme

A three month programme using the Metabolic Balance framework to help busy people find and treat the root causes of their health and weight issues so they can achieve optimum energy levels and live the full, active life they desire. The programme is designed by physicians in Germany based on your unique blood test results and personal information. Your bespoke plan will incude all the foods that are right for you.


Do you wish that food could be easy; that you could just eat a wide variety of foods and not suffer with health issues, illness, pain and inflammation or achieve your weight loss goals without continuous restriction? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

I meet so many people who are embracing a healthier, whole-foods diet, taking regular exercise and enjoying occasional complementary therapies, but who still struggle with irritating health niggles and excess body fat, particularly around the belly and after a certain age!


And the reason they’re still struggling?

Is because it’s not just about diet and exercise! 

Yes, healthy eating and daily movement are vitally important, but what if the ‘healthy’ foods you’re eating just simply aren’t the right ones for your unique biochemistry? Or perhaps you’re eating the wrong quantity of food at the wrong times.

I totally understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be!

That’s where the medical testing and scientific analysis behind the Metabolic Balance programme plays an essential part in your weight loss success and journey to optimum health. 

If you are

  • Struggling with excess body fat, despite trying numerous healthy eating diets.

  • Not sure which foods are right for you.

  • Feeling that your hormones are a mess but GP medical testing isn’t giving you any answers.

  • Experiencing joint pain, bowel or digestive flare ups or any other symptoms of inflammation and autoimmune disease.

  • Suffering with poor sleep, chronic stress, migraines or recurrent infections.

  • Living with IBS, bloating, skin conditions or acne. then you’re in the right place!


Hi, I’m Pippa

A nutrition and weight loss specialist with extensive training and experience working on a 1-1 basis with people just like you. I’m a certified Metabolic Balance Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner who’s passionate about getting to the root cause of health issues and creating easy-to-follow programmes that get real results, fast.

I love watching my clients get those ‘a-ha’ moments around food and it makes me so proud when they achieve their goals. The more people I see with the same chronic health conditions, the more it drives me to continue learning, training and sharing my expertise. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and Metabolic Balance succeeds where others fail because of its unique medical testing and analysis. So you end up with a list of food that are RIGHT FOR YOU. Each plan consists of a unique food list. No one plan is the same.


Metabolic Balance - 3 Month Programme 


The Metabolic Balance programme has been designed to help you achieve optimum weight and energy levels by focusing on the optimisation of hormonal balance - in particular the hormone insulin which plays a key role in weight gain, diabetes and blood sugar levels. 

Originating in Germany, and founded by Dr Wolf Funfack, Metabolic Balance is backed by 20+ years of research by physicians and nutritionists and has helped over 600,000 clients in countries all over the world. It is a long-term, personalised eating plan based on whole foods (without the need for supplements). It is based on your unique biochemistry. Your blood tests are taken and with all your personal information Metabolic Balance physicians in Germany create your bespoke plan.

While weight loss is the most common use of Metabolic Balance, I can also provide bespoke plans for those wanting to maintain weight and improve health, gain weight - perhaps after illness or injury, and also to help improve performance for sports players and athletes. 

A great coach for Metabolic Balance, very caring and understanding. I received compliments on my weight loss and looking great. Keep it up Pippa!
— Puja, London

How the Metabolic Balance programme works:

  • The programme consists of 7 one-to-one consultations which can be in person (in my offices in London or Jersey) or via Skype.

  • The consultations take place over a period of 3 months.

  • Additional 30 minute consultations can be added at a discounted price if desired.


Also included in the 3 month Metabolic Balance Programme:

  • A private Facebook group with other Metabolic Balance clients from around the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to share recipes and food inspiration with other people on a similar mission to better their health and achieve their weight loss goals. 

  • Easy-to-follow whole food recipes for main meals, snacks and treats. 

  • Reasonable e-mail support during office hours, Monday to Friday. 

If you’re ready to find the root cause of your health and weight issues, you can apply for an initial consultation for the 3 month Metabolic Balance Programme (an initial consultation is £55 which is redeemable against the plan but there is no obligation to sign up). Please see full programme information and prices below. Please note that at certain times I operate a waiting list. Please see more details and price below.


“To say that Metabolic Balance has changed my life is an understatement. Having tried numerous other diets in the past, I had virtually given up hope of any meaningful weight loss. I have now lost 7 stone and have never felt fitter or healthier and I no longer feel it is a diet but now more of a way of life”



The Results


"The metabolic balance programme (along with the invaluable support from Pippa) has allowed me to experience a new way of cooking and eating. I feel as though it has helped me make lifelong positive changes to my eating habits but not stifled my ability to be creative with food. Being able to feel confident in myself and start enjoying trying clothes on again has been incredibly rewarding. I'm well on my way to achieving my goals and would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Pippa."  


"Pippa was recommended to me by a friend in Jersey who thought she could help me with my fatigue and female hormonal problems.  During our first Skype consultation I immediately felt better that someone understood why I was feeling so awful.  Pippa changed my eating habits and made a few lifestyle adjustments.  I also started on some supplements.  within two weeks I was feeling so much better with more energy.  Two months on and I no longer have night sweats and bloating. Thank you Pippa."



Metabolic Balance Consultations 1-7:


1. (30 minutes) Information gathering and explanation of MB process. Lab preparation.

This initial consultation  will include discussion of your health goals, measurements including fat mass, muscle mass and metabolic age, plus waist, hip and thigh measurements. We will look extensively at your medical and lifestyle history and you will be provided with details of how to get the appropriate blood samples taken.

2. (45 minutes) Explain personalised programme and discussion of MB phases 1 and 2.

Once your blood results have been received and analysed, and a personal plan created for you, this consultation will give you detailed guidance through all the recommendations for the first two stages of the plan. This is personalised to suit your individual tastes and lifestyle requirements.

3. (Appointments 3-7 are all 30 minutes) - 4-6 days after beginning the plan.

All the follow-up consultations are scheduled regularly to provide you with plenty of support and guidance. E-mail and telephone support is available where required. All appointments are carried out either in my offices in London or Jersey or via Skype calls. 

4. 2 weeks after starting the plan Discussion of phase 3.

5. 4 weeks after beginning the plan.

6. 8 weeks after beginning the plan.

7. 12 weeks after beginning the plan.

Please note that the MB programme is THREE months long. Consultations are only valid for four months from the starting date as I am limited to the number of MB clients I can work with at any one time. 


3 Month Metabolic Balance Programme

Investment: £1375 (Harley Street: £1550)

Add on Nutrient Core DNA Test £300

Initial fact-finding telephone consultation: £55 which is redeemable against the plan

 Full payment at the start of the programme

(all major credit cards including Amex accepted)

If you require a payment plan, please e-mail me: pippa@pippacampbellhealth.com  




I have always suffered from recurrent bouts of bloating, IBS, acne, sinusitis and joint pain. Can the Metabolic Balance programme help me?

Absolutely. Metabolic Balance helps find and treat the root cause of your health issues rather than applying another quick symptom fix. For example, if you have a migraine your GP might recommend pain killers or a specific migraine drug. With MB (and functional medicine) we look at the reasons why you’re getting the headaches in the first place. Are they because of a diet trigger or allergy, a deficiency, an overload of a toxic chemical, a structural or lifestyle issue or something else? MB is just one set of tools that can offer you answers to your health problems. It looks at the bigger picture which is vitally important to optimum health.

I don’t understand why I’m hungry all the time and I can’t stop eating. I’m worried that I will be hungry on MB with less food.

It sounds like you may have become Leptin resistant. This is our satiety hormone. Your brain may not be receiving the message from your stomach telling you that you are full so you keep eating. MB aims to reset Leptin and other hormones that are preventing you from losing weight.

Will Metabolic Balance help me to lose stubborn weight?

Yes. Metabolic Balance is a natural weight management programme that uses nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to reset your metabolism and hormone levels (including insulin) to help your body reach its natural weight. It offers fast results and long term success.

I only have half a stone to a stone (4kg - 6kg) to lose, but it’s a real struggle. Is it worth doing Metabolic Balance?

Yes. MB will help you find the root cause of your imbalance and make those last few pounds far easier to lose. It’s a bespoke programme so will work where traditional calorie or macro based diets will fail.

I’d like to get my teenage children involved too, can they do Metabolic Balance?

Yes. My whole family (and many others around the world) have followed the programme. When you create new healthier family eating and lifestyle habits you’re giving your children a great tool to take into adulthood.

I’m 68 and have been strictly limiting my calories for many years but still can’t lose weight. How will MB help me?

If you have been limiting your calories the chances are your body has gone into starvation mode and you may actually be storing fat. You need the right nutrients to get your metabolism working again to enable you to lose weight. MB can help you with the best food choices for your unique biochemistry.

Why do you need to take blood tests?

Blood tests are used to determine the foods that are best suited to your biochemistry and a bespoke plan is created for you in Germany and explained to you by your Metabolic Balance Coach.

Will I have to do LOTS of cooking or food preparation or spend lots of time in the kitchen?

It is important to eat lots of whole foods on the MB programme so if your current diet is rich in fast food, take-aways, oven-ready meals, restaurant meals, cafe snacks and packaged treats, then yes, you will need to do more cooking and food prep. However, even if you think you’re not a fan of cooking now, once you begin seeing how easy the recipes are and how delicious natural, whole food meals can be, you’ll soon develop a love for home cooked food and will be amazed by how therapeutic you find chopping vegetables! (Trust me, it happens all the time!)

Will the food cost me a lot more money?

Like any lifestyle or dietary change, there is a steep learning curve at the start. Once you find the supermarkets, farm shops or market stalls best suited to your lifestyle and budget and get into the habit of writing a shopping list and planning meals in advance, you’ll soon find it works out cheaper than your current habits - particularly if you eat out or buy ready prepared food a lot now.

I’m vegetarian and would really like to switch to a plant-based/vegan diet in the near future, will the recipes be suitable for me?

While many of the MB recipes do contain meat and fish for protein, it is entirely possible to undertake the programme as a vegetarian or vegan. I’ll make sure each plan is customised for you and will direct you to other helpful resources to ensure your success.

I have been diagnosed with cancer and am currently undergoing treatment. Would you recommend Metabolic Balance for me?

It would be better to find out your exact situation in advance before you sign up to the programme. Please pop me an e-mail pippa@pippacampbellhealth.com to discuss your personal situation and we can decide (in conjunction with your cancer care specialist and GP) whether the plan would be the best way forward for you.

For all other questions not covered here, please send me an email: pippa@pippacampbellhealth.com 


Ready to get started?

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