Metabolic Balance Press Article

Coach in acclaimed nutrition programme available locally for the first time

A nutrition and weight loss programme which avoids calorie counting, preparatory shakes and other dietary fads, has formally arrived in the Channel Islands. 

Pippa Campbell has become the only certified coach in both Jersey and Guernsey able to support the Metabolic Balance system, a unique programme which relies on science and responds to your own unique metabolism to improve hormone balance and overall well-being.

Pippa, 42, who has two children herself as well as an extensive career in health and fitness, fully understands the pressures of modern family life and how difficult it is to balance the stresses and demands of work and family, while also eating well and taking care of your health. 

The programme she advocates eschews any faddy or drastic dietary plans and some of the more familiar requirements such as counting calories or taking specially prescribed foods, shakes or pills and instead uses the body’s own natural system to reduce fat and foster well-being.

First devised in Germany in 2002, the programme is the brainchild of Dr Wolf Funfack, a nutritionist and food technology engineer who with his collaborators, developed a nutritional system based on an analysis of a person’s unique blood values. The result of more than 25 years’ scientific study, the innovative programme has since been embraced by more than half a million people around the world in 35 countries, including some prominent celebrities in the music and film industries.


How it works

The Metabolic Balance programme is 100 per cent personalised and actively supports your own bio chemistry and nutritional needs. By following a bespoke plan, a set of simple rules and guided by your metabolic balance coach, you begin to strengthen and balance your entire hormonal system and to naturally manage your weight.  Once you embark upon a balanced, all natural system of nutrition, you cause a natural restoration in your body to occur and simultaneously you create a fitter, more energetic individual, where permanent weight loss is a part of that process. 

Pippa, who will lead you step by step through the four phases of the process, remains your consultant throughout the programme, answering your questions, providing advice and support and guiding you through any change in eating habits that are required. To begin, a blood sample is analysed by the medical experts at the programme’s laboratories and a customised plan is prepared, which is unique to you.  It is designed to minimise hunger or food cravings since the foods chosen in your plan are designed to have a positive effect on your overall well-being.


The Benefits

Pippa commented:

‘I’ve been fascinated for some time by the far reaching results of this nutrition programme, with its emphasis on science and was delighted to have the opportunity to study in London so that I could become the first certified coach here in the Channel Islands,’ she said.  

According to Pippa, some of the improvements that become evident are improved sleep, better physical and psychological well-being and an enhanced immune system. ‘By restoring nutritional balance you recreate your body’s natural equilibrium which also makes it easier to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living,’ she explained. 

The nutritional programme has been adopted by a number of celebrities including most notably the singers Boy George and Sam Smith and the comedian James Corden, who have each enjoyed successful weight loss, results that have been well documented in the media.  They were introduced to the programme through Amelia Freer, the acclaimed London based nutritionist, columnist and best-selling author.  The benefits of the system gained further momentum earlier this year when Sam Smith revealed he had lost 14 Ibs in just two weeks and the social media world went frantic with admiration. 


What to do next

Pippa begins the process with an initial consultation when you discuss what your objectives are and what you hope to achieve from participation. For some it will be led by a desire for permanent weight loss, but others may be simply looking for a healthier diet and lifestyle that will promote well-being.  Your first step is to speak to Pippa who can be contacted at…..

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